Saturday, 31 January 2015

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I dug out my first film camera, 

a gift from my dad when I was eighteen. 

Time to take it for a spin me thinks. 

It brings a warm glow on the inside,

a keen photographer himself,

with a kind and loving heart.

Added a few more pictures to our growing

hallway gallery,

maybe every inch will be covered

a few years down the line. 

Although just yesterday I was thinking

how one could manage on very little,

a half-empty space,

light streaming, books and candles,

and lots of room for photography and the imagination. 

But then, I do like beautiful things,

with a story to tell... 

The days seem to be filling up with this and that,

good things,

people and opportunities. 

This space is always a good place

to land in between. 

Wishing you a sweet rest of the week,


Sunday, 11 January 2015


For delicious recipes 

& delicate styling

against a light-filled, Brooklyn backdrop,

head right over to Sunday Suppers.

I suddenly need to head over 

to the kitchen...

A lovely Sunday night to you! 

R, x

All images: Sunday Suppers

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


January days feel longer

and lighter and brighter. 

One more day of sweet reverie

before the humdrum begins in earnest. 

I've been flicking through the pages of Cahier d'artistes,

a limited edition gift from Erica Cavallini Semi-Couture

that flew all the way from balmy Milan some time ago now,

and is now my treasure... 

The beauty of an album merges together the fashion label

with the ethereal, poetic work of five photographers,

which you may find as mesmerising as I do -

Loppiainen, valoa kohti,

vielä tämä päivä hiljaiseloa

ennen kuin sitä taas mennään. 

Amaryllis samalla varisee ja 

jaksaa vielä punkea uutta kukkaa.

Ja ihastelin taas ihaninta lahjakirjaa, 

joka saapui aikoinaan kotiovelle Italiasta... 

Linkit yllä johdattavat kirjassa esittäytyvien 

valokuvataiteilijoiden tykö. 

Parahinta loppiaisiltaa! 


Friday, 2 January 2015


Packing away Christmas,

digging out fresh, white sheets,

dreaming away just a little. 


Joulu lähes pyyhkäisty näistä huoneista,

puhtaan karheat lakanat,

unelman tynkiä. 

"The unwritten chapters

are the most thrilling. 

The dull ache,

the yearning,

for all that is to come."


Thursday, 1 January 2015

So serene...

Some interior inspiration for a change... 

Here for details from a serene & elegant country home

of a Dutch family living in the south of France. 

The gorgeous boys' room got me thinking... 

Images via Bo Bedre. 

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

In with the new...

2014 waved a magic wand,
leaving me a little sad to see it go.
A year when things came together,
but also paving the way for the year to come.
A deeper sense of direction,
but also increasingly appreciating the small things,
the beauty in people and moments and places.

I spent the afternoon of New Year’s Eve 
at the art museum,
my eyes fixating on anything white and clean 
and empty…
I guess that’s how I feel about New Year –
a white, clean sheet that bathes in light.

Thankfulness brims to the surface for what’s gone,
now in with the new…

May 2015 treat you well.
It’s amazing how much can happen 
in the space of just one year.


2014 heilutti taikasauvaansa,
ja vähän haikeana sen hyvästelen.
Vuosi, jolloin palaset loksahtelivat,
viitoittaen myös tulevaa vuotta.
Uuden vuoden aattona 
kiertelin rauhassa Ateneumissa,
silmät hakeutuivat valon ja valkoisen puoleen.
Siltä uusi vuosi tuntuukin –
valkoiselta, valossa kylpevältä sivulta.
Menneestä kumpuaa kiitos, nyt uutta sisään…

Olkoon 2015 sinulle lempeä.
Vuodessa voi tapahtua yllättävän paljon.


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